Hypnotherapy Services

" I frequently refer patients to qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists for hypnosis because I have seen excellent results in many areas.  In general, I believe that no condition is out of bounds for trying Hypnotherapy."

~Andrew Weil M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of Arizona

Hypnosis For Behavior Modification

~ Smoking, Eating Habits, Exercise Motivation, Clenching, Grinding, Hair Pulling, ED


    Why is it so hard to permanently change? Why is it that diets repeatedly fail, or an addiction or habit can be overcome just for it to return with full force at a later time? Self sabotage in professional and personal relationships can also be driven habitually from the subconscious- why do we hold ourselves back?

    Discovering the underlying missing pieces of this puzzle is key to unlocking the door to change permanently. Once the deeply rooted drive behind the behavior is understood, the uncontrollable aspect is resolved and released naturally.

    Unlike common hypnosis and hypnotherapy which uses hypnosis script programming to influence behavior patterns, Nina Manny’s approach to clinical hypnotherapy addresses the full spectrum of the issue eliminating the risk of transferring to another unwanted habit or behavior. Creating new thought pathways to resolve any residual habit based patterns, the chosen desired behavior completely becomes the “new normal” naturally and permanently!

Hypnosis For Relief and Personal Growth


~ Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Relationships, Self-Confidence, Trauma   


    Many times symptoms like depression and anxiety are an inner voice attempting to communicate buried emotions or limiting personal beliefs. Self-perception is very powerful, it acts as an internal map that is subconsciously guiding our choices or responses and can be very limiting.

    When addressing change from the subconscious state through cognitive hypnotherapy, much like a computer programmer, you are actually reading and rewriting your own software that has been running at the operational level. Working directly to understand what information was originally perceived and how it was interpreted you can actually take control over the program that runs when you are on “auto pilot” making way for new and limitless possibilities.

Hypnosis For Teens


~ Academics, Sports Performance, Test Taking, Self-Control, Public Speaking, Self Image   


    During childhood and adolescence we develop many habit and belief patterns that are often carried into adulthood. Sessions with Nina Manny can provide relief, motivation and new skills for letting go of negative thoughts or attitudes that might impede development. The subconscious mind is taught that the world can be experienced in a more positive and constructive way. Behavioral hypnotherapy for young adults is an empowering way of priming them for success.

Legal Disclaimer: All services are non-diagnostic and do not include the practice of medicine, neither should they be considered as a substitute for licensed medical or psychological services or procedures. All hypnotherapy services rendered by Nina Manny are solely and strictly considered holistic and alternative and not a substitute for medical or psychological services.